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From the technical level on the battery performance, new energy.

2017-7-28 14:36:44 次流覽

    How to evaluate a power battery? This is a very big topic, this article aside for other factors, such as cost, manufacturing and so on to talk about, only on the technical level to talk about performance evaluation in this respect. First of all, I'd like to start with two misconceptions.

     Do not put aside the needs of the vehicle to evaluate the battery separately

     First of all, I think the first level of cognition is that there is no best power battery, only the most suitable for a car battery, regardless of the needs of the car, to evaluate the performance of a power battery is unfair. The first step in evaluating is to figure out what you want. You don't know whether you need vitamins or proteins. How do you know whether you eat apples or fish?.

     Comparison of the classic manual "FreedomCAR" in the United States is a term called BSF (Battery Size Factor), explained that "for a particular cell or module design, is a monomer or module can meet all the FreedomCAR performance and life goal of the smallest integer", can in fact be so simple to understand, is a the overall requirements of the battery system is decomposed into a single module or the requirements of the dividend, the dividend is the system requirements on your number and your monomer is totally dependent on the actual level, such as the vehicle design requirements of pulsed power battery system in certain working conditions can reach 50KW, you in the evaluation of a 100 on a battery pack, the dividend should be 100, and the 500W should be the evaluation index of each unit under the condition of pulse ability, and the dividend should be It is also used to decompose and evaluate a series of other properties. This tells us in fact, the first step in the evaluation of power batteries is to decompose the vehicle's needs. This is also the main first misunderstanding we need.

     You can't talk about the overall performance of the battery in only one aspect
    Can often see this news on the Internet, "single quality XX newly developed specific energy of the battery has reached 500Wh/kg, life XXX km, defeat Tesla", "XX new graphene battery cycle life of 3500" XX "car battery system only charge 5 minutes, X can run hundreds of kilometers, so boasting of their battery technology breakthrough, I think these are very one-sided, and not a fair evaluation of whether the technology really made a breakthrough, I give an example for everyone, please readers to judge the following people who do for playing basketball?

  Who is suitable for playing basketball?

   A: a fast runner, but only 170cm tall;

  B: a height of 2 meters 2, but weak physique, it is easy to hurt people;
  C: a person with plenty of energy and no run for 4 hours. But he is tall and fast;

   Perhaps the reader is difficult to make a judgment, in fact is the LTO system can be battery, fast charging and discharging, but low voltage determines its high specific energy, B it is like a rich lithium battery cathode materials, can achieve very high specific energy, but their physical fitness and safety and difficult to guarantee C, it is a system of LFP battery, law-abiding practical durable, but the ability are not prominent; so in general will be to select the appropriate battery according to the actual usage scenario is like a play back, let B to hit the front; here I believe readers will not because of China one height to 2 meters in 4 of the people think that China basketball can global hegemony.

    Two misunderstandings aside these, we go back to the nature of the power battery, power battery is essentially an on-board chemical storage device, we know that the chemical energy storage is a kind of many kinds of storage modes, but also includes physical storage, magnetic storage. Since the essence is a storage device that is easy to understand, we should pay attention to what? How can the first storage, storage can will "slip", also is the capacity of energy storage; since second the storage is used, then we should pay attention to his ability to release energy, how can we use? We should pay more attention to the energy storage control device for energy, first we control it? Second of its own under the control of the vehicle in complex environment itself?

   Energy storage capacity

    How do I evaluate the energy storage capacity of a power cell? I think it mainly consists of two aspects: first, how much energy can be stored; and second, the stability of stored energy;

   The first storage can actually see how much? Intuitive is actually a battery capacity, but also the capacity of this battery is a battery capacity of the size, and assessment of the battery is the entire life cycle can release energy, in fact, so has the battery and the end of life Fresh battery should be taken into account the.

    But how much energy can release itself, in fact is that you how to use the battery, if still use 1C full discharge to inspect a battery cycle many times, I think it was totally out, the first study in this way does not have any practical significance, but can compare several different the battery formula I do not believe that any other reference value.

  As the battery needs to be decomposed to vehicle demand evaluation, investigation of the battery life should also be the simulation of vehicle condition, the vehicle is very difficult to continue the cycle of 100%DOD1C, like you didn't see who drove the electric car has been uniform going forward, no brakes, no electricity on full power to open, open 10 year.

   Inspect the battery life or that the whole life cycle of the energy storage capacity, and vehicle condition investigation must be combined with meaningful and practical how to use your car? What is in the range of SOC? CD or CS? How to run out of power, charging, fast charging or slow charge, study together all that is of practical significance.

  The second is the stability of storage, is investigated when you do not use, will have on the energy loss, this is the so-called calendar life study, of course is not put in the calendar life completely motionless, you also need to use some simple conditions, should also be according to the actual conditions different models in different temperature, and with the battery state tracking, and eventually establish awareness of the state of the battery calendar.

   Energy release capacity

    The ability to release ability, I think a word is summarized, inspection, in a variety of working conditions, how can you release your ability?.
    This includes two levels of consciousness, the first is in a variety of conditions, such as different temperatures, different SOC, different life cycles, second can be how to put, how long can put, how much can put. Let's make the orthogonality of the two levels, and you'll be able to see exactly what kind of energy release the battery you evaluated.

   Ability to control energy

    The last one is the ability to control energy. I think it still has two meanings. First, how do we control it? Second, can we control ourselves if we are attacked by ourselves?.

    In fact, the first is about BMS, and the good control is actually the battery good how to calibrate the battery calibration, SOC, in fact, this has been a problem, but it is actually the first good control based on the calibration, system calibration in different cell difficulty is different.

  For example, the SOC-OCV curve, which is only a baseline, we often need to modify the online calculation above him, and set up the diffusion voltage calculation and RC model, in fact, different systems often with the battery, the design of power and energy or the complexity of different models are different, more what is even varies with the temperature of the battery voltage when the static influence is different, of course, the difficulty of control will be different, so I think it is good to control the battery itself has become one of the criteria for the evaluation of a power battery;

   Second, in fact, is the design of the battery itself, so that it can manage themselves. In addition to the normal use of the vehicle, we also need to consider the various extreme conditions, such as acupuncture, extrusion, water, fire and so on in these special conditions, the battery can "control" himself and not linked to thermal runaway, but the verification of the battery of the whole system is far more than these, not to repeat them here but, this is also a focus of our consideration.

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