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What are the precautions for battery use?

2017-7-28 14:45:38 次流覽

1) it is recommended that the battery be used at the temperature of +5 DEG C, ~+30 DEG C (preferably 25 DEG C), and the high temperature will shorten the life and reduce the low temperature capacity;
2) different brands, different capacity, different old and new batteries are strictly prohibited;
3) hydrogen will be used in the battery, so keep away from the fire source, keep ventilation and prevent explosion;
4) please keep the environment clean, excessive dust can cause the battery to be short circuited;
5) the battery should be recharged in time after discharge. If the discharged battery is not fully charged, it will lead to lower battery capacity and even damage, so it is necessary to configure the appropriate charger;
6) UPS carries too light (such as 1KVAUPS band 150VA load), may cause deep discharge of battery, should avoid as far as possible;
7) the proper discharge will contribute to the activation of the battery. For example, if the electricity is not stopped for a long time, the battery should be discharged manually, 2~4 times a year, and the existing load can be discharged with time of 1/4~1/3 reserve time;
8) long-term disabled battery (UPS) should be charged after storage, and every six months of battery charge and discharge time of the battery, usually floating 4~10 hours, and the battery inverter working under the state of 2~3 minutes.

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